Encompass Investor Connect™ Adds Rushmore As A New Investor To Automate Loan Delivery
Rushmore expands lending opportunities with improved quality and purchase times of loans

Rushmore is making loan delivery easy and efficient through the digital lending platform, Encompass Investor Connect™. Encompass Investor Connect™ automates loan delivery by sending pre-validated data directly from the loan files. Ellie Mae, now a part of ICE Mortgage Technology, helps lenders save an average of $48.85 per loan.

“Encompass allows our lenders to streamline how they deliver loans with a safer, faster way to transfer data and documents to Rushmore,” said Patrick Reese, Executive Vice President of Rushmore Capital Markets.

Using this system-to-system process allows lenders to save an average of 39 minutes on each loan by eliminating manual entry, centralizing tasks in one place and packaging data and documents by delivering from Encompass. Encompass also reduces operational costs and improves quality and purchase time for our correspondents. Learn more about Encompass and other services from your Account Executive here.